Ms. Marks


Fundamentals of Spanish

F period, Rm 10


Course Overview:

This course is designed for students with no foundation in a second language, and who are interested in learning Spanish.  Emphasis will be placed on the rudiments of Spanish language and cultural awareness.   Through a variety of learning activities with audio-visual and print tools, work on oral production, accent, decoding skills and cognate awareness will prepare students for subsequent Spanish I coursework.  

Required Materials:

School-issued Textbook (covered) and Workbook

Single Subject Notebook

Writing Instruments

Half inch binder, or other sturdy folder to hold loose leaf papers

Course Objectives:

Develop an understanding of Hispanic culture through the arts, food, sports and current events

Develop basic Spanish-language interpersonal communication skills including:                                                   

                making new friends                                                       

                describing self and others

                talking about preferences

                talking about school

                talking about families    

                talking about where people live

                understanding printed and digital communications through cognate

Grading Policy:

Students will have explicit instruction and pre-teaching of new vocabulary.  They will be required to keep their own copies of notes from board.  Notebook checks will occur twice a quarter counting as quiz grades. 

Students will have daily individual, paired and group learning activities to activate new language.  Activities can include manipulative games, board work, role play, word captures, and station learning. Students will receive participation credit daily, reflected in a weekly cumulative grade. 

Homework is assigned minimally and is used to reinforce and clarify an independent practice.  Additional homework may be assigned in order for a student to complete or make up work, or to prepare for project learning assignments.

Weekly quizzes are bases on performance assessments to reflect the four communication skills:  listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  Content will assess that week’s specific learning objectives. 

Test grades are based on projects.  There will be few traditional paper tests in this class.  Examples of project learning for tests will include oral exams between peers and teacher, creating a poster or artifact, giving a presentation to the group, and compositions.

Test grades are 60% of the grade, Quizzes and Participation (including Homework) are each 20%. 

Classroom Policies and Practices:

Students are expected to be seated at the bell, depositing their cel phones in the basket as they enter the class.  Students are expected to try their best, and while this is a space for students to explore themes and express themselves, school-wide expectations as per the Student Code of Conduct are observed. 

Students are encouraged to come to after school on Thursdays in the Library or by appointment for extra help.  Students and parents are welcomed to communicate any questions or concerns in person, or via email at

Make up work is the responsibility of the student and must be turned in within the same number of days as the student was out. 

Unexcused late work will receive demerits at the rate of 5 points a day. 

Cel phones are not permitted in the classroom as per school policy.  They are to be left in a basket at the beginning of class.  On occasion, the teacher reserves the right to permit the use of cel phones as instructional tools. 

As per LMMHS Student Code of Conduct, members of the class are expected to be respectful to each other and the classroom.  The work we will be doing requires a tolerant, supportive classroom environment so that each student can achieve their fullest potential in their learning.  Progressive discipline, as out lined in the Student Code of Conduct is followed.  The intention and design of this course is to have enjoy learning!

Students and parents will have access to homework assignments, the student gradebook and class announcements and resources via the Parent Portal and the Moodle class page. 

In closing, I am so happy to be back at school working with students.  It is a wonderful experience to see their creativity, effort and excitement for learning develop into the ability to converse in Spanish, to explore culture and to grow as global citizens!